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Lightning Bugs

A guy. A girl. It’s the same place all stories worth telling begin. Follow the star-crossed lovers as they try to find their way home again.

Book drops on November 1, 2099.

Lightning Bugs

  • ✍️ Written by Justin Tadlock
  • 🔖 Tagged Adult Fiction
  • 📚 Published by Words & Press
  • 📅 Published on May 01, 2099
  • 📃 599 Pages
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5 Stars

„It’s that–it’s just that part of me thought that destroying something of yours would make us even. That top-siders could feel a fraction of what it’s like to live in The Bunker. But, I look around here, and it makes me sad. What if the next bomb kills all the lightning bugs? They seem to be just going about their lives. Not a bother to anyone. You said you didn’t know what their purpose was. I do. It’s to bring beauty to a dying world.“

Alexa – Lightning Bugs

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